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mercredi 10 juin 2020

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Rabi  is 18 years old, he lives at the After Care and he is going to complete his Class XII.
He is an open minded boy and he loves to communicate and, as Raja, Rahul, Mintu, Sushil, Rama and Akbar, he shares with us his childhood, his life at the home and at school.

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My name is Rabi and I was uneducated and station boy and with no knowledge. Roaming everywhere and looking for food and from begging, whatever money I used to collect, I give to my mum.

Yes, we were having tough life my mum and me, live in one corner of the outside the Sealdah station.

Then one side of the station, there is one orphanage for the station children, namely CINI ASHA.

When I was begging in the platform, a man from Cini Asha saw me and told in Bengali voice : « Where do you live ? And where is your family ? ». I was terrified and scared too then I told, as my mother told me that whenever any stranger man asked you to go alone with him, say no, actually they are not a good people.

But the man told me, could you please take me to your mum, from inside I was anxious. I took that man towards the way of my mom and I thought, he might give foods. When we arrived there, they start their conversation in Bengali, that man asked her, could you please give your child to our orphanage. My mom told no, as without my child, I am alone. The man left.

The next daya gain, he came, and told to my mom, don't you worried about your son, he will stay nearby only. Whenever you are free, come and see him and I promise that, the man told.

Then my lonely mum told with a soft voice ok, and also told if my child is happy then I am also.

I reached that orphanage, it was good from the outside, when I step in it was quite big inside, with many station children like me, playing the game of carrom. Four staffs were seating on the bench. I had made many friends and started loving this place as like my home.

A couple of months, it was sunny weather and happy day for everyone that is Sunday. But one staff, namely Soma, I called her Soma Aunty, she used to like and love me a lot and taught me how to write my name and numbering 1 to 10. She told that Rabi, you are getting an opportunity to go to another orphanage, where many of our boys are getting opportunities to study and she told I know you wanted to learn, but I was sad, that again I have to go far from my mom alone again.

Then, she told me, don't you worry your mom also can visit there.

At morning around 11 o'clock, we will be leaving, so settled our bags. Everything was done, then we took local train to Jadavpur then directly boys home.

It was a big building from outside, grey in colour. Surrounding areas were beautiful. When I step in the boys home, I was quite nervous, and was wondering about how would I make friends, talk to them, etc. as I entered the room, I knew nobody, there was a foreigner standing with a bunch of keys in her hand, namely Fabienne Fichet. She was happy to see me and she took us to the way of the office. We had some talk with Fabienne Aunty.

Then Fabienne Aunty introduces me to all the other boys, were present and some where playing video game in television, and I was happy to see the boys too.

During the night, on the bed, I was a bit sad and whole night thinking about my mom.

The next day, early in the morning, during the breakfast time a boy came to me and he asked if he could sit with me, his name is Arman. I said yes, and we started chatting, after which we became good friends. That day, I made many friends at the boys home.

In the afternoon, Fabienne Aunty had called me in her office, she was talking in English and me, looking here and there and I was wondering how do I give reply to her, then she spoke a bit Bengali with me, I was strange.

I have learnt first English sentences in my life from Fabienne Aunty. How are you ? Say I am fine she taught me.

Then every afternoon, she called me up in her office, with a pen and copy, to learn numbering 1 to 100 and A to Z. I was eager to learn as I was uneducated.

Days are moving faster, and I am working hard in my study, whatever works Fabienne aunt is giving to me.

The other boys everyday they go to the school and I say goodbye from the window and thing, when my day will come to go to school.

Finally the day arrived, one of the home's staff, namely Rabi Da, who took me to Nandan school in Pallisree for the admission in Class II (2), that is my first day of school in my life.

When I was in Nandan School, I used to work hard in my studies and do well, makes Fabienne Aunty happy.

Truly speaking, I was uneducated boy, I knew nothing accept my name to write and slowly slowly I learned and understood that school plays a very important role, when I was in Sealdah, I used to see a child wearing school uniform and going to the school.

One afternoon right after the lunch, Fabienne Aunty called me in her office and told me, there is a gift for you and also shown me a picture of my sponsor and she talks about them to me. Your sponsor name is Sunita Sakhrani, and she is from France.

Days are going faster and I am learning different things and growing up with other boys. I found that this boys home is amazing. I never felt that I don't have place to live, all because of Fabienne Aunty.

Today, I can see the entire world, is just also because of the Fabienne Aunty.

Changing the school from one society to the other, making me so wonderful memories. Now I can stand, speak and understand, is just because of Fabienne Aunty.

I got the opportunity to study in the boarding school in Kurseong, never had I heard of that place, but first I thought i twill be boring, but not at all, it is the best. I used to study in Kurseong in MODERN ENGLISH SCHOOL. The view of the Kurseong amazing the mountains, and so many other heritage of hills, I love it.

When I was in Class VIII (8) at Modern English School, after I completed my Class VIII, I decided to change my school, as it is not because of bad but in that school, there is class till X only, so later big problem to look for class XI and XII school. It was nice school, lots of memories I took along with me and am going to miss it.

The boarding school, which I am going to join, finally namely Himali Boarding School, Kurseong.

First day of Himali School, I studied in Class IX (9), as a new student. I was quite nervous, yes I was wondering about how would I make friends, talk to them etc…

When I first entered my classroom, I knew nobody, I sat on the front bench. Then a boy came to me, he asked me if he could sit with me. I made many friends and waited eagerly for the next day to go to school.

The next day, everybody was friendly with me. I found that the teachers were amazing and they taught us nicely.

Finally, I graduated in 2020 and few days were left to say Adieu Himali.

From then onwards, I wanted to be 24 hours in the school. I wanted to spend more time at Himali than at my own home. I found Himali amazing. I made friend and a lot of adorn memories, which I am carrying alone with me. Himali is the best school for me.

Today, I am speaking different languages, knowing different people through different territories and understanding the world and finally the reality of India is all because of Fabienne Aunty.

Thank you Aunty for giving me a new life with lots of memories.

Your rupee !!

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