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mercredi 10 janvier 2018

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Rama arrived at the home in 2001. In 2009 he passed Class X, but he has still not completed his Class XII. He had the opportunity to integrate a training program (LP4Y) in 2016, which was beneficial for him and enabled him to obtain a good job.
Like Raja, Rahul, Mintu and Sushil, he tells us about his childhood at home, LP4Y, and Fabienne...

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My name is Rama Rao and I'm 25 years old. Now, I live in Narendrapur with 2 boys from the boys home. First I would like say about my past life, then about my present.

Before arriving to the Les Galopins de Calcutta NGO, I was in Howrah Station. That time I didn't have place to stay or live, didn't have clothes to wear and no money to eat to buy food and I didn't have anyone to help me. When I was in Howrah station in footpath street, I always used to check the train to find some food, some clothes to wear, also collected or picked up the newspaper and water bottles from the train or from the road to sell to the different shops to have some money to eat and to buy some clothes and slippers because that time I was so dirty and always in barefoot. Some days I was eating and some days not and most of the days I didn't eat because I had no money and also I didn't have place to sleep. At that time I was always sleeping in Howrah station platform and lying on the station platform in rags. During the night, when I went to sleep, police used to come with a big stick to the station platform to beat me. I couldn't sleep properly at night and most of the days I slept without eating. When I didn't have money to eat, I had to beg from the people to give some food or money to eat and clothes to wear, some people used to give to me and some people didn't. Day by day it went with me in this way in my life and I was suffering a lot of problems that I couldn't get rid off. When I was very hungry, I was looking at the people throwing some food to the dustbin, I went near the dustbin when it happened and picked up some food from the dustbin and started to eat to make my stomach full. The situation was constantly repeated and I had a lot of problems in my life and at that time my life was totally hell and no one was there to help and give me a new life.

"...at that time my life was totally hell and no one was there to help..."

After few days I suddenly saw Mrs. Fabienne aunty in Howrah station platform with some boys and she was speaking with the boys and giving them some food and after few minutes I saw that Fabienne aunty left the station. I asked one boy who was she, then the boy told to me that twice in a week she comes to the Howrah station and give some food to the boys then speaks with the boys and spending little bit time with the boys up to 30 minutes to 40 minutes and then she left the station and again I asked the boy that when she will come to the Howrah station. The boy told to me that twice a week every Tuesday and Friday she comes and again I asked the boy that what time she will come to Howrah station then the boy told to me that around 9:00am to 10am. I said to that boy thank you very much for giving good information and I was very happy at that time. After that I was waiting for Fabienne aunty to come back to Howrah station. After one week Fabienne aunty came to Howrah station to meet the boys. At that time I was sitting alone and after few minutes then Fabienne aunty called me but I didn't come in front of her and after few minutes Fabienne aunty came to me and gave some food to me and I was looking at her and that time I was thinking that why she is white and why I'm black and what is the difference between me and her. I started to think that why she gave some food, at that time I was silent and after few minutes she asked my name in Bengali language and then I said Rama Rao and again she asked to me that do you have family. Then I said to her that I don't have family. She hold my hand and told me that come with me then she took me with her to the Ganga River then I had bath and she gave me a soap and then she took out good Pant and T-shirt from her bag and dressed me with the Pant and T-shirt and I was surprised a lot at that time from inside myself.
Then she took me to the hotel and told me to eat whatever you want eat then I ate Rice and fish and then she paid for the food. Then suddenly Fabienne aunty asked to me that do you want to come with me at my home then I was started to ask questions in myself that If I go with her at her home then my life can be changed and also from inside my heart is saying to me that this lady is very kind and nice person then after few minutes I said to Fabienne aunty that I will come with you at your home.

I really didn't know that Kolkata is in India, I was thinking that Kolkata is another country like America. Then I said to Fabienne aunty yes, I will go with you at your home. I was thinking that she will take to me in America at her home then she told me that I will come on next week to take you to my home. I said OK then she left from the Howrah station. After one week Fabienne aunty came to Howrah station to meet me and she took me from Howrah station. I was going with her by bus but in the bus I saw that there is lots of people like same my colour but couldn't see the people like Fabienne aunty's skin colour. Even I didn't know that this is called bus and I was thinking that when I will reach America, how much time will take to go to America…
but finally I reached at boys home with her in 2001 on 16th June and that was my Born Day at home to give me a new life

Then she gave towel and said to me that go to bathroom and take your bath and after the bath she gave clothes to me for wearing. After wearing clothes she called me to her room, I went her room and she told me to sit. Then I sat in her room and she took a picture of me that I still have with me. Then I went for having lunch with other boys. At that time I saw that there are many boys of the same as my skin colour.

Then she put me in Bengali medium school where I read up-to class (V) then she told me to go to an English medium school and she explained me lot about English language because English is very important in the world and for the jobs also. At that time I really didn't know how to talk in English. Then I decided myself that I'll go for English medium school but I read 2 times in class(V). When I went to English medium school at that time I saw many boys and girls are studying in English medium school and all of them were speaking very well in school except me because I didn't know it. My school name was Narmada English Medium School. Whenever I came from school in evening Fabienne aunty called me at her room and checked my school diary that what homework was given by school and tell to study this book chapter and also used to tell me that which one you're not understanding please ask me. I said to her OK and she was helping me a lot at that time because I was not good in English.

In this school I read up-to class(VIII) and then Fabienne aunty sent to me in a Boarding School that's in Sreerampur and the name of boarding school is Holly Home, there I was 2 years. In this boarding school I read up to class(X).

When I was at boys at time, I was very naughty and angry boy. At boys home I was always getting very angry for little things myself I don't know why. She's always tried to explain me a lot about anger and she always told me that when you will get angry, go outside and roam here and there to make yourself calm and come back to home. If you need money take it from me, whenever I was angry at that time I always said to her that I won't go outside and I don't understand that why I was getting very angry with myself.

I still remember that I ran away 3 times from the boys home because of my anger but 2 times Fabienne aunty came to Howrah station to pick me up to bring me to the boys home again and the 3rd time again I ran from boys home to Howrah to Mumbai because of my anger. I stayed 1 week in Mumbai then I realized that I did a very big mistake in my life then I thought that I should go to again boys home to change my life. Then I came alone after 1 week to home and again I met with Fabienne aunty at that time she asked to me that where did you go that I couldn't find you in Howrah station and then I said to Fabienne aunty that I went to Mumbai.

Again Fabienne aunty kept me in boys home and after that I didn't run away from boys home and I stayed at home. One day Fabienne aunty told me about her story and also about that when she went back to France many people asked her that where is your son at that time Fabienne aunty told to those people that I have many sons in India, when I heard this world from her I felt crying but I didn't cry in front of her because at time I realized myself that how much she loved us.

After hearing this I decided myself that I won't run away from the boys home. Fabienne aunty gave me a good education, I learnt rules and regulations, general knowledge, how to behave and talk with people, how to grooming properly, how to make Bio-data for the job and the most thing I learnt never say lie to anyone and always say the truth to people at boys home from her.

At boys home I got many friends. My days were happy ones before I started going to school as I had good friends to play with from morning till evening. We had many indoor games and outdoor games to occupy our time. When we had holidays, we went to Aquatica, Nicco Park, the Zoo, the Botanical Garden, the Museum, Puri, Darjeeling, Sikkim etc...

I didn't have any problem staying there. The staff members too were so close to me and always encouraged me. Now I miss everyone, how we all had fun, passed our time gossiping, eating all together, playing and watching TV together.

After finishing my class(X) from Boarding School I was out of boys home at that time. Again she helped me to stay in a rent house for 1 year that was in 2009. From end of 2009 I started to work in some places to keep my rent house but it was very very difficult to find a good stable job to keep myself happy. Whenever I was working in a company, I was not getting my salary properly from the company. Again I started to get lot of trouble and problems when I was staying alone. In 2015 I got a good job in fast food small restaurant but my salary was Rs 5500. It was very less for me but 2-3 times Fabienne aunty came to my small restaurant to meet me and she spoke with me more than 30 minutes and then she left. One day Fabienne aunty told me about LP4Y that I didn't knew it about LP4Y and I asked her what is LP4Y then she told to me that it's a professional training where you can learn many things from this training center.

Then 1 day Fabienne aunty gave the opportunity to me to have a training in LP4Y then I decided myself that this time I won't miss the opportunity given by Fabienne aunty. Then I said to Fabienne aunty that I'm ready to do this training from LP4Y. I quit my job and I joined LP4Y Training on 5th January in 2016. LP4Y means (Life Project For Youth). LP4Y is a professional Training Center. From LP4Y I learnt many things like how to be a professional in the world, in a work place , how to talk with people and to give respect, English, Computer Skills, General Knowledge etc.

Now I will explain about LP4Y. In LP4Y we have 3 parts those are:

  1. LP4Y's Vission: Young People facing extreme poverty are capable of becoming great entrepreneurs if someone give them a smile, a supporting word, room to grow, and trust.
  2. LP4Y's Mission: To assist in the professional and social integration of Young Adults between 17 and 24 years of age facing extreme and exclusion.
  3. LP4Y's Pedagogy: The young Adult makes a commitment to participate as a team member in the Professional Training For Entrepreneurs " within Life Project Center. The LPC is an economic activity incubator located in poor neighbourhoods, close to the Young People's dwellings.

In this 3 parts we have 4 steps those are Autonomy, Responsibility, Management and Entrepreneurship.
In this 4 steps we have 3 things

  • Work: Work an a micro economic activity as part of a team
  • Learn: Communication, English, Computer Skills, General Knowledge etc.
  • Guide: Develop my "Life Project ".

This is called LP4Y Training.

I did this training 1 year. Before joining LP4Y, again Fabienne aunty helped to me for 1 year.
After finished this training I got a very good job from LP4Y training Center.

Now, I'm working as a Supervisor in a DRICO Logistics Pvt. My task is to check the materials quality, quantity, take the photos of materials print the barcodes, write the reports in Excel etc. Now, my life is better than before. Now, I'm getting Rs. 18000 salary per month.

I'm very lucky and very happy that I got Fabienne aunty in my life and sometimes I think that God sent Fabienne aunty to help me. I'm still loving Fabienne aunty very very much from deep in my heart as my own mom and I always think that Fabienne aunty is my mom. I will never forget to Fabienne aunty in my life till I die because at present whatever I'm now that's only for Fabienne aunty. I just want to say you that thank you very much for helping and supporting me to give me a new life. If I did anything wrong or mistakes with you please forgive me. I love you very very much my mom from deep in my heart. Whenever I come to see Fabienne aunty and boys at that time I miss my childhood. I'm still missing my childhood at home. From my part, I think all the boys are very very lucky to get Fabienne aunty.

Fabienne aunty is the one who gave me a new life once again to see a world. That's is only for her that I got education from her and the knowing the world and can see what's going on now a days. If she was not chosen me to bring at Les Galopins de Calcutta boys home then my life should become a terrible and hell. May be I could be a terrorist, robber, thief or may be dead that I couldn't see the world.

I loveeeeeeeee youuuuuuuu.......

A very big thank you to Fabienne aunty without whom I couldn't be where I am. You are really a very nice lady who keeps on encouraging me and thank you very much for helping all the boys. I always want to see you smiling and thank you very much for everything. It was my pleasure to share some memories with you all. Thank you.

And I can't forget all the Sponsors Volunteers without them we were nothing. Thank you very very much for helping our organization. I Love you all. Thank you very much once again my dear Mom.

Fabienne, responsable du projet à Kolkata
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